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About Me - Sandman


My name is Ray Baxter and this is one of my online stores. I used to work as a Fabricator/Welder as my day job for 48 years and started my home business in 2004 selling online part time. But since the economy took a dump and I got laid off when the company closed and I came down with COPD I have been doing my home business full time. I have these products and others listed on 15 other websites plus two of my own. I also run a wholesale website for a company out of PA. So what started out as a part time endeavor to bring in extra money is now full time where I put in longer hours than I did punching a time clock in a factory.

Like millions of others my age (64) I had to go out on early Social Security which means I had to take a cut in my benefits. Which also means that my income was cut by more than half. These are definitely hard times for young people starting out and us older workers who no longer have regular jobs as they say. I am luck in that I already had a internet presence and know my way around. My registered business is R & L Enterprises. I can be found register with BBB of Cleveland, Ohio if you would like to look my rating up. I try to give the best price and service on everything that I have for sale. I am an Authorized retailer for all the products that I have listed here and elsewhere. Everything thing is of the highest quality that you would be proud to display in your home. Everything that I sell is drop shipped for me. Which means that when you purchase an item from me it ships to your directly from the manufacturer or distributor here is the US.

People are cautious when making a purchase on the internet. and especially when the item has a cost such as the merchandise that I sell. I don't think you will find better prices than I have anywhere else. To put it bluntly I am here to make money. But the only way I can do that is to sell you a great product at a good price and excellent service. I wouldn't have lasted this long if I didn't. I can always be reached by email or by phone to answer your questions for you. I want to earn your trust so that you will tell your friends and family about my business. That's really the only way I can keep my business growing. Selling online is a whole different world than have a regular store where people can walk in and look around. I sure can't compete with the big guys and the money they have to spend on advertising. So I have to give you a better price if I can and better service if I want you to tell others about me. So I invite you to have a look around my store at what I have to offer. And if you see something you like buy it, I can really use the money.

Kindest regards,
Ray Baxter

R & L Enterprises
27 S River Street
Wakeman, OH 44889
Phone: 440-625-1013

To email me just use the contact link on this site.

I'm not putting my email address here as I would like to because the spiders would get it and I would end up with a ton of spam in my inbox.

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